A Unique Set of Features
The only screen recorder designed for software testing.
Start Recording, Start Testing. That's it. No training, no special skills required. BB TestAssistant makes it easy for QA staff to create movies that show defects instead of trying to describe them.

Click Record, step through a wizard, and you're recording. When you hit a bug, save the recording or add a note. You'll have the option of continuing the recording or stopping there.

Reviewing the recording, annotating it and editing it down to just the footage you need is easy, thanks to a user interface that lets you get straight to the points of interest, even in the longest movies.
Improve Tester-Developer Communication A BB TestAssistant movie is more than just a movie. It includes comprehensive information about the state of the PC when the defect occurred and in the moments leading up to that point. This means less back-and-forth between testers and developers, as programmers get to the heart of the problem faster.

Testing for Agile Development The Agile development methodology puts an emphasis on testing earlier in the project lifecycle, and requires closer collaboration between test and development staff. A BB TestAssistant movie can give developers a 360° picture of what was happening at the point of failure. The Windows event log, external log files, keypresses and mouse clicks are viewed side-by-side with the movie to show the status at any instant in time.
QA System Integration BB TestAssistant integrates with selected QA systems, to further improve workflow. It can automatically create defect reports with attached movies in JIRA and Trac systems.

The integration API is open, to make it easy for programmers to enable integration with other defect tracking systems.

Record Everything... BB TestAssistant lets you record for hours, and you can keep everything or just the most recent minutes. It creates movies that are a permanent, complete record of a test session.

...On a Wide Range of PCs BB TestAssistant's advanced recorder technology means you can record without impacting system performance on wide variety of PCs.

It includes a Microsoft certified 'capture driver' that enables high frame rate recording even on older hardware. You can also record Vista and Windows 7 'Aero' graphics with ease.

Easy Annotation BB TestAssistant makes it simple to add text and commentary to a movie, to ensure clear communication of defects.

QA staff can enter notes and give a commentary while recording, or add them afterwards - BB TestAssistant makes it easy either way. The Player application enables developers to jump straight to annotations, so they get straight to the point even in longer movies.

Usability and Automated Testing BB TestAssistant is great for manual functional testing, but it can also be a vital component of usability testing.

It can capture the user's image via webcam, and their voice via an attached microphone while it records the screen, keystrokes and mouse clicks. You get to watch everything in one movie.

Leave BB TestAssistant recording an automated test session to have a permanent record of exactly what happened you can look through frame by frame - no guessing.