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BB TestAssistant has three record modes - three different ways of recording the screen.

Sometimes you might need to change record modes if you're to get the best performance while recording.

This page explains the advantages and disadvantages of each mode.
The Three Modes
GDI mode
  • A good all-rounder, and is usually selected by default.
  • 'Lossless' image quality means a perfect capture of what you see on the desktop.

MPEG mode
  • This mode is best at capturing moving video. It can do this at a much higher frame rate and create much smaller FBR files than GDI and Capture Driver modes.
  • 'Lossy' compression, so there is some loss of quality in the recording.
  • BB TestAssistant automatically selects this mode if it detects that you are going to try to record a media player application.

  • Disadvantages
  • Can use too much CPU when recording large areas like the entire desktop. In particular, older PCs with single core processors may find that too much CPU is used during recording and PC performance is badly affected.

Capture Driver mode
  • Lower impact on PC performance than other modes when recording 'normal' Windows applications like MS Office, that have very little animation and moving images.
  • Particularly useful on older PCs that can't use other modes without adversely affecting performance.
  • 'Lossless' image quality.
  • BB TestAssistant automatically selects this mode if it detects that your PC cannot run GDI or MPEG mode at a high frame rate.

  • Disadvantages
  • Not good at recording moving video.
  • Cannot record Aero graphics mode on Windows Vista / 7.

How do I change modes?
  1. Go to the Record mode step in the Record Wizard or the Record mode tab in the Recorder Options window.
  2. Select a mode.
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